Monday, July 21, 2008

SS3 folks upset by Syabas’ action - The Star

Jul 21, 2008 By OH ING YEEN

RESIDENTS of Taman Seaport in SS3, Petaling Jaya, were appalled by the sight of the bulldozed slope in Jalan SS3/51.

The residents had only wanted Syabas to trim the trees around the reservoir, said SS3 Taman Subang secretary Musa Abdullah.

“Syabas had promised to cut down only the trees that were growing within the gridline and to replant them, but as it turned out, they just cut down all the trees,” he said.

According to a letter from Syabas, it had received a complaint from residents in Jalan SS3/51 regarding soil erosion and fallen trees near their houses. It is also stated that the MBPJ landscape department had asked Syabas to cut down the trees that had fallen or were on the verge of falling, as the trees were of a species that was prone to rotting.

Musa said many of the trees that were felled were in good condition.

Denuded of trees: Musa (third from left) voicing his unhappiness over Syabas’ felling of trees near the reservoir in SS3/51 to Pua (second from left) and Lau (right). With them is Chang.

He also pointed out that this could lead to clogged drains and suggested that the authorities cover the drains.

“We want the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) to have a landscaping proposal within a week and get the residents’ agreement as it affects us,” he said.

Resident Alfred Chang was worried that his garden would be demolished as part of Syabas’ project.

“It was designed by the previous owner and I continued tending the garden after I bought the house.

“Although the garden is part of the authorities’ land, I see no need for it to be demolished as there’s no problem of soil erosion because we have used concrete terracing,” he said, adding that it was ironic the issue was cropping up at this time, just after the celebration of International Green Day.

According to Kampung Tunku assemblyman Lau Weng San, Syabas wanted to cut down the trees to insert ports to strengthen the stability of the soil.

“When we asked, Syabas said it had obtained a permit from MBPJ to do so but the latter denied it,” he said.

A stop-work order was issued on April 12, but work resumed after a month.

Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua said even if Syabas owned the property it had to obtain the residents’ agreement as it affected them.

“Syabas resumed work, stating that none of the residents had objected to it.

However, everything should be in black and white.

“Syabas should submit landscape plans to the MBPJ,” he said, referring to the verbal agreements made by Syabas.

Also present was newly-appointed MBPJ councillor Tiew Way Keng, who promised to raise the matter during the council’s full board meeting.

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