Saturday, September 13, 2008

Selangor govt may also sack ‘uncooperative’ council presidents and employees - Star


The Selangor government has identified several “underperforming and uncooperative” council employees, including council presidents, and plans to take stern action against them, even to the point of sacking them.

State Local Government, Study and Research Committee chairman Ronnie Liu said the performance of local council employees had been monitored since the Pakatan Rakyat began to helm the government in March.

“We have to take stern action because all of them had been repeatedly told what they should and shouldn’t do.

“Some of them not only refused to cooperate with the government, but deliberately went against orders.

“It is September now and six months is enough,” he said after attending the opening of the new centre of Klang Municipal councillor Tee Boon Hock at Bukit Tinggi here on Thursday.

Citing an example, he said some of the council presidents failed to decide on the zoning of areas that local councillors would service.

“It is ridiculous, it has been two months already (since they were told to do so) and all of them know the importance of zoning,” he said, adding that those in the council should know their duties well because the state government held monthly meetings with them.

Also on the list were officers of Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) who went overboard on Thursday by tearing down a Hindu temple despite a state government directive not to destroy places of worship, he said.

Liu said the officers also by-passed the committee on non-Muslim affairs headed by Teresa Kok, Dr Xavier Jayakumar and himself.

“This is a very clear offence and there is no excuse at all (for the actions),” he said, adding that he was waiting for a written report on the number of officers involved.

Liu added that he had asked MPAJ to lodge a report with the police and state government to allow action to be taken against the officers involved.

“We have a provision to sack them although they are federal officers,” he said, adding, however, that the process of termination would take time.

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Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Ask all the civil servants of the Pakatan States if they wants to keep their job. Pakatan must ensure that their own state government civil servants are clean .
Show the exit door to those under performing staff .
We have no place for them, it is a wastage of public money to keep those dead wood.

We hope that Pakatan will take stern measures and be very business and prudent minded running the states.
Do Not waste a single sen on those errant employees .
The rakyat despise those lazy bones. tell them to go look for another job.