Tuesday, June 24, 2008

MPK councillors collect letters - The Star


THOSE who have been chosen to be Klang Municipal Council (MPK) members feel their role is to help craft the policies, come up with new ideas, resolve issues related to basic amenities and not settle the council’s parking compounds for Klang residents.

Kota Alam Shah DAP chairman Lim Lip Suan, 36, PKR Taman Sentosa representative M.S. Rajoo, 61, and Pandamaran DAP chairman Ang Mah Chye, 50, feel strongly that those who flout the parking regulations must settle the compounds on their own.

“Residents can’t just pass the buck to us after flouting the law. But, in a proactive manner, as councillors, we would suggest to the council that the motorist pay a nominal RM10 for a parking compound of RM60, if it is settled within two days.

Yesterday, several community leaders converged at the MPK to collect their letters of acceptance to serve the people for the term from July 1, 2008 until June 30, 2009.

Rajoo, a full-time politician, said he would soldier on to have the council change its regulations pertaining to the offer of contracts, from simple electrical wiring to construction, so that it be made an open process.

“MPK has to make public such tenders, so that members of the public who have the expertise to do such jobs can apply. If this is practised in a transparent manner, then corruption can be nipped in the bud,” he added.

Klang branch DAP vice-chairman Yap Beng Lee, 54, Pandamaran branch DAP vice-chairman M. Ganeson, 47, Malaysian Indian Development and Unity Association president Segaran Landasamy, 43, as well as special assistant to state speaker Tee Boon Hock and non-governmental organisation member Tee Beng Lee fully support Rajoo’s suggestion of Rajoo.

The MPK councillors comprise one palace representative, seven PKR members, six DAP members, four PAS members and six from the non-governmental organisations.

Council president Mislan Tugiu said he was happy with the make-up of the councillors.

“It is too early to comment but I hope that I will receive their commitment to build a better community. To me, the councillors are a bridge to the neighbourhood people,” he said.

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