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Not an easy ride, but Yeoh is taking it all in her stride - The Star

Jun 23, 2008 Stories by LIM CHIA YING

THE last 100 days have not been easy for Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh who has had to dealt with issues that residents have heaped upon her through calls, visits, and e-mails.

From the simpler meet-the-residents session, Yeoh has gone on to tackle issues from problematic housing projects like Mutiara Court in Bandar Sunway and Lagoon Perdana in PJS 9, security dialogues, to traffic congestions and development objections.

Hannah Yeoh

“While I've managed to highlight the Mutiara Court case to get it the attention it deserves, and now monitoring the Lagoon Perdana revival works to ensure buyers get their promised units, I'm at the same time juggling hundreds of other problems daily,” admitted Yeoh.

“For example, working on the issue of joint management bodies (JMBs), had talks with police on crime here at my service centre, initiating the 10-minute dengue campaign, and looking into the gated and guarded community issue, a point which I've raised at the state assembly and am now waiting for its regulations,” she rattled off.

“Then, I've had to do lots of follow-ups, like merely ensuring the authorities remove the telecommunication tower in USJ 5 based on what was already decided last year.”

While admitting work has been overwhelming, Yeoh said what frustrates her most is when people who claim to represent the majority of residents have their own personal interest at heart.

“There have been many internal squabbles and fights between the different resident associations, or within members of a committee itself, which I tell them to resolve among themselves. Some who have come to me saying they want to work for residents have actually their own agenda or wearing double masks,” Yeoh lamented.

Then, there is also the difficult part about dealing with people who have been over-critical of her.

“People expect things to turn overnight, but they don't realise that a lot of study needs to be done. It takes time to change policies and people's working styles.

She said she is happy to note about the political awareness she has helped generated among young people, and hoped to see more young people register as voters.

“There are a few areas that I want to continually develop, like youth activities, education, and health screening for the less well-to-do community. There are things I want to do more but am faced with restrictions,” claimed Yeoh.

She said residents can be assured that her commitment stays against over-development.

Yeoh said she wished to see an improvement in the delivery system, from the simple lighting of poles in the streets to the screening of contractors so that petty problems would not arise.

She cited the importance of re-educating people's mindset so that they go to the right channels to complain and not just throw everything to the elected representative, who can then focus on the more macro issues.

She said some things she had pledged had been carried out, like publishing her campaign funds on her blogsite which people can see.

“I've to be more careful with allocation funds, so that priority is given to those who really needs it. It's my responsibility to know how the funds will be used and spent,” she said.


USJ 3ABCD resident Jason Lee said 100-day is too short a period to assess Hannah Yeoh. However, thus far, he thinks she has done an outstanding job and based on his experience working with her, she has taken several issues head-on. “For example, the continuity of the slip road in USJ 3ABCD. I'm quite happy with the response from her office so far,” said Lee.

“As an assemblyman, she has responded to e-mails quite efficiently when some people don't even bother to reply.”

Lee said he had spoken to Yeoh about her involvement in sports which he feels is currently slightly lacking from her office.

“I've mentioned to Hannah about organising sports games which she can perhaps look into, as an assemblyman's responsibility to the community is more than just solving problems,” he said.

SS17 Subang Jaya resident Moaz Yusuf Ahmad said he thinks Hannah has been working very hard and has a lot of good plans drawn out.

“She is very committed to what she is doing, and putting the attention to pressing issues like dengue, which I wish more people would give her the support,” said Moaz.

He said it has been just 100 days so she should be given more time.

“So far, she has been very receptive, she listens to the people, and is proactive to make things happen.

“Hannah may need a stronger hand in the local council but this would require all levels of the government system to work, which is not at the moment,” he opined.

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