Monday, June 9, 2008

Selangor govt to embark on 'no plastic' policy - The Sun

KUALA LUMPUR (June 8) : By Tan Yee Liang

The Selangor state government is embarking on a 'no plastic' policy from this week as part of its efforts to care for the enviroment.

State environment committee chairman Elizabeth Wong said this was part of the state's short and medium-term response to global warming.

"I think it is really time to act. As policymakers, we have to be very firm. The carrots have been dangled for too long, so it is time to use the stick," she said after launching Green Every Day 2008 , an environmental campaign, at Taman Lembah Kiara June 8.

Of the state's plan to phase out the use of plastic, Wong said the state government will start with the local councils.

"Drinking water, for example. If you look at the state and the local councils, at every function and meeting, there are plastic bottles everywhere," said Wong, who is also Bukit Lanjan assemblyman.

"We are trying to stop this and phase it out. We are also trying to stop using styrofoam in cafeterias and encourage people to bring their own food containers," she said, citing examples of other environmentally friendly efforts including recycling.

"I do recycle, my paper, my plastic, and I try not to buy anything in plastic."

Wong lauded the Green Every Day 2008 campaign as a good opportunity for the public as they can learn what to do to help conserve the environment.

Wong also said the Selangor government would be trying to mitigate the impact of price hikes in the wake of the sharp petrol price increase announced by the federal government recently.

"We are providing things like free water, and we have approved a budget to buy rice and distribute it as soon as we get the stock," she said.

She said the state government is also expecting an increase in people applying for welfare.
"People are now expecting all prices to go up by 20-30%. The problem is that there is no good safety net.

"We also do not have good public transport facilities. Many people can't claim for their travel expenses, and salaries are not going up. So, the overall effect on the economy is not good," she said.

Wong said the state government would be registering its "strongest protest" with the federal government

1 comment:

Khun Pana said...

The only way is to educate the people.This have to start straight from the school.
Any schools , not just the normal school for students but for adults too.
Does our education includes environmental impact and consequences?
If not , did the education minister forgot? or was he still busy shoving his keris in his office.

Religious movements are not just about holy words and bla bla bla heaven and hell.
Most religion overlooked that we are on earth , yet to be in hell nor heaven and failed big time to educates the present generation for the future.

Friday prayer is a school , sunday mass is a school , buddhist and hindu movements are also school.
even the dbkl can be a good school if dbkl officers are not into rasuah only.

Do initiate Clean the City/Town policy in tandem with the No Plastic policy.
We all know KL is rats and roach infested.Same story in Klang too.
About everywhere in Malaysia is the same story.
A clean town also means No Malaria dengue fever , no rats , no roaches , no unsightly plastics and no rasuah .
About time to have "clean " dbkl/mppj free from the dirty rasuah.
How about " No Plastic , No Roaches , No Rats and say a bloody big NO to Rasuah ".
This way , more can be done and synchronized.

***Too bad the polis not under state's admin. Or we can cleans up the polis as well***