Wednesday, June 4, 2008

State CCTV project on hold - NST

SHAH ALAM: Jun 4, 2008 By Mazlinda Mahmood

The plan to install 414 closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras throughout the state is on hold.

State executive councillor for local government and research Ronnie Liu said the project would continue if the supplier could convince the state government that the project is viable and cost efficient.

"The supplier has not been able to convince us and it is now on hold," he said.

Liu said the government had given the supplier ample time to explain but it still could not come up with a satisfactory explanation.

"We can not lease 414 cameras for RM6 million a year for 20 years. There are people who claimed that it could be done for RM3 million a year and still make a handsome profit."

He said experts had been appointed to look into the matter.

"We want a good system that is also cost effective. If we have video of a crime but the footage is not clear, it's no use," he said.

On a separate matter, Liu brushed aside rumours that many projects had stalled because a local authority had stopped operating after the March 8 election.

"There was a miscommunication because the department head was not present during the briefing.

"Ongoing projects can continue but major new projects must wait until the appointment of the new council for approval," he said.


Danny said...

On 9 May 2008, I was approached by one of the local residents regarding seeing frequent visits by a group of men attending and repairing a outdoor CCTV camera located in MPSJ area under camera C11. Her first question to me was … Danny you still working with this CCTV company ah?


Let me now give yourselves INSIDE INFO on how this company operates. This company I talk about is called GAPURNA TECHNOLOGIES. This is the company that’s in the SKY HIGH RENTAL SCAM- FOR CCTV SYSTEM FOR SELANGOR STATE.

The company is owned by Dato’ Salim and his son Mohd Imran Salim. The first impression you meet these guys, they look like normal father-son type. Let me caution you all. The Father Dato Salim comes for ground level and is very humble, but his son is a spoiled brat.

How did they get MPSJ outdoor CCTV Project?
They lobby the project from day one. The Letter of Intend (LOI) was given somewhere in early 2006. This company failed to kick start this project due to lack of expertise with them then. Mohd Imran the move towards getting the committee members of MPSJ to work for him. So he hired them. This then even facilitated Mohd Imran getting the inside info regarding the final pricing. Soon the Letter of Award for installations of 100 units of Outdoor CCTV cameras was officially given to them GAPURNA TECHNOLOGIES SDN. BHD.

The Outcome
The actual installation is only 90 units. Out of which only ¾ is only working.
The balance 10 units was never installed. However, until today sources from inside MPSJ and the info I came to know they are paying Gapurna 138K and another 69K for maintenances on a monthly basis. This is for a 20 year contract term.

The End Result.
Once Mr. Ronnie Lieu exposed this in local newspapers, many employees and staffs were shocked with the figure. Many of us approached Mohd Imran to seek clarifications and further reduce the huge profit. Nevertheless, he refuse to make a move and continue to built and bill MPSJ and Selangor State Government with this costly scam.


• Why pay full for something, which is only half working?
• Where is the balance 10 unit’s camera?
• Was YB Lee involved in assisting the securing of this project with YDP and TYDP of MPSJ?
• How can MPSJ allow this vendor to employ an (EX)MPSJ staff which is directly involved in this project?
• Does this Gapurna Technologies have experienced personal to attend to these cameras?
• What were their expertise prior to this project?
• Does Mohd Imran on actual fact have full knowledge on CCTV
• Why are there frequent breakdowns?
• RM 1380.00 X 100 Units Not working cameras X 12 Months is 1.65mill, is this cost effective? For 20 Years?
• Cameras are installed on MPSJ Pole using MPSJ Power supply paid by MPSJ themselves.
• TNB and its application is done and paid by MPSJ, I wonder why?


Since I felt these cost towards the RAKYAT was not correct, we wrote to management of Gapurna to rectify matters and to further safe the company image. It turned into deaf ears. We were then pressured to leave by their top management. Therefore, I decided to leave with many others of my colleagues.

I will be always willing to assist the NEW SELANGOR STATE Government into this fraud AUDIT.

You may contact me at



Check out:… - 43k

SuaraRakyat said...

Thursday July 10, 2008
Residents in jitters over project done By Gapurna
By BAVANI@Starpaper

THE owners of the Suasana Sentral Condominium and Suasana Sentral Loft at Kuala Lumpur Sentral are real unhappy over a plan to build a 30-storey building near their properties.

What irked them most is that the developer, Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad (MRCB), had apparently given them an impression six years ago that the particular area would remain a green spot.

They said the green area was a major factor influencing them to buy their units at the Suasana Sentral and Suasana Sentral Loft.

“The developer had promised us that the land would remain green and that no development would take place there and now we find out that it is going to build a 30-storey building,” said expatriate Timoko Atsuka, a resident of Suasana Sentral.

Bad tidings: The notice informing residents of the upcoming development at KL Sentral

“The KL Sentral is a transport hub and is congested and the lack of parking bays makes the situation even worse. This new development is going to cause more congestion,” she said.

Rita Vong said she would be moving into the Loft in August and her unit faced the open area where the new building was to be built.

She is worried about noise and air pollution.

Shankar Narayanan, the owner of a unit in Suasana Sentral, said the developer should be responsible enough to brief the residents on the new project and provide them with the density figures.

“There has to be limits as to the population and high-rise density in the area and we want all this information to be made public,” he said.

According to Shankar, the residents are also seeking a traffic assessment report for the entire area.

The residents said they would meet officials of the Coalition to Save Kuala Lumpur, a group comprising residents associations, to seek their advice.

The residents want to find out if the proposed development is in line with the Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan 2020 and the draft Kuala Lumpur City Plan 2020.

The residents are also complaining that the entire neighbourhood is getting congested, and they blame the KL Sentral management for the chaotic situation.

They alleged that a new entertainment outlet at the KL Sentral operating until 5am on weekends was another source of congestion and disturbance.

They said the outlet patrons simply parked their cars in the middle of the road, blocking all entries from the KL Sentral to the Suasana Sentral condominium.

The residents said that buses were also parked on the roadsides under the no-parking and towing signs and were contributing to the congestion in the neighbourhood.

“This place is getting overcrowded and during peak times it gets really bad. Something must be done about the situation,” resident Sunny Yeoh said.

When contacted, a MRCB spokesman said at the time of the KL Sentral’s inception, the empty plot of land on which the Shell petrol station was previously sited did not belong to the KL Sentral or MRCB, nor was it any part of the original blueprint.

The land was sold to Gapurna Sdn Bhd a few years ago by Shell after it closed its petrol station.

Defying the law: Buses and taxis parked all along the road leading to the KL Sentral and bordering the Suasana Sentral condo despite the towing sign.
The land had always been designated a commercial zone. Gapurna later applied for the full commercial development of the parcel.

The MRCB spokesman said his company became aware of this development last year and then signed a joint venture agreement with Gapurna.

“We entered into this venture to exercise some measure of control over the development that would take place on the lot, including its design and construction decisions. We want to ensure that the proposed development would complement the KL Sentral masterplan and development,” he said.

“As a responsible developer, our team of experienced personnel will do the required research and analysis to ensure the feasibility of the development on this plot of land, as well as to ensure that the overall concept is not compromised,” the MRCB official said.

He said the MRCB would ensure that there was sufficient greenery and that proper landscaping was done to benefit the communities nearby and that the company would also reduce the density to ensure that it was consistent with the existing KL Sentral development.

On the issue of buses illegally parked along Jalan Stesen Sentral 3, and disturbances caused by entertainment outlets operating till the wee hours of the morning, the MRCB official promised that Semasa Sentral Sdn Bhd, the managers of the Sentral station, would monitor the situation.

“Action will be taken against those found not adhering to regulations,” he said.

“The KL Sentral has seen rapid progress since its inception 10 years ago. Individual components within the development complement each other, and MRCB will ensure that this value remains,” the MRCB official said.

We the Condo Owners will take legal action as Gapurna Sdn Bhd failed to inform us regarding this development.

Looking at this company, they are playing a big game everywhere!!

Hope DBKL,Look into this before BPR comes after everyone!!!

PKR assist us in any way you can please!!!

Amin said...

Dear Friends of the New Selangor Gov!

You all look very smart, but yet have caught this big fish, Why are you all in also?

This so call company is into big Games! MPSJ cameras never worked, I once had a accident near Taipan and reported it to the Balai there.

We went to the CCTV Room, To my shock... The Cameras are not working. 1 Malay Staff using GAPURNA uniform told me that, MPSJ is aware. Cameras only will come on at Night once the Street Light comes on. He then walked away!!

What a great way to do businesssss...

Cameras come on only at night after streetlight lit? so from 7 onwards only got CCTV?

The police guy that came with me told me... This CCTV is not under their control. The Vendor (Gapurna ) has full control!!

I check the background, Gapurna is owned by a BIG TIME FIGURE Dato"

So due to that no action lah.....

PKR do some work lah....

magellan said...

I concur with Danny, I also have some interesting information pertaining to Gapurna's contract with the Selangor state government. Here is the story....Sometime in late November 2007, my partner and I went to meet Dato Ch'ng Toh Eng (whom was then the state exco member in charge of IT). We wanted to present our latest CCTV product which uses video analytics and high resolution megapixel cameras that would be suitable to record events. Since we usually have problems identifying perpetrators of a crime scene due to poor video footage, we offered him our newest technology CCTV product. After explaining to him the benefits and him acknowledging the quality, he asked us what the cost of one camera would be like? Our answer was a camera with a price of slightly over RM 22K. He was shocked and asked us if we knew about the camera or technology Gapurna had offered. We were not sure and declined comment. Then he went on to say that it was too late for us, eventhough, he felt our product was suitable and good. He revealed to us verbally that the then MB Dato Seri Khir Toyo was a frined of Dato Salim and therefore the project was awarded to them. According to him, there was nothing he could do to change this. We then left the office feeling sad and cheated by his statement.

Please investigate this issue and you may want to call up Dato' Ch'ng Toh Eng for his comments too.

Kuldip Vyas said...
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