Saturday, May 10, 2008

Residents of Bandar Puteri unhappy over parking metres - The Star

May 10, 2008 By THO XIN YI

BANDAR Puteri residents are unhappy with Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) for installing the parking metres at the commercial area known as Bandar Puteri 1.

T. Mohan, a resident at Bandar Puteri 8 and MIC national Youth social welfare bureau chairman, claimed that the infrastructure in Bandar Puteri 1, where the shoplots are located have not been handed over to MPSJ by the developer yet.

“MPSJ has hung a banner here announcing that the public will have to pay parking fees from May 2 onwards. Ticket vendoring machines have also been installed here.

This is absurd: Mohan (second from right) pointing at the banner informing about the parking system.

“This is really absurd as construction work is still going on at some parts of the commercial area yet they are so anxious to collect parking fees,” he said.

He also questioned why the parking lot in the area is managed by a private company.

“According to a source, 70% of the income earned from the parking fees will go to the company and the rest to MPSJ,” he said.

A manager of a computer shop at Bandar Puteri 1, Lim Wei Jeng, said the tenants have to buy monthly parking pass priced at RM80 from MPSJ now.

“This is unreasonable as most of the time, we can't get a parking lot to park our cars. There are many banks here and we often have to double park, taking the risk of being summoned by the local authority,” he said.

Mohan also pointed out that the roads in Bandar Puteri are poorly maintained, citing Jalan Puteri as an example.

“There are many potholes on the road and which result in our vehicles getting damaged.

The patching works are shoddy and only address the problem temporarily.

“The question is why MPSJ is so eager to collect the parking fees while the important infrastructure has been neglected by them,” he said.

When contacted, a spokesperson from the developer said repairing works are currently going on at Jalan Puteri.

“We are aware of the problem and had already started patching up the road.

Should residents have any complaints regarding the road conditions, they can always contact us,” she said.

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