Tuesday, May 27, 2008

SELANGOR GOVERNMENT: Get on with your job, please - NST

Letters to Editor:


AS a citizen of Selangor, I am disappointed that the newly-formed Pakatan Rakyat government has not really done anything much for us till today, except for reminding us how the previous government had supposedly done wrong during their term in office.

The state administration can rest assured that we have all got the message.

It was relayed and repeated often enough during the election campaigns through the ceremah, pamphlets, blogs, text messages and what have you to the people of Selangor.

What I want to know is when is the new government going to start the real work for Selangor? When will you start to deliver as per your election promises to the people?

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artic turban said...

cik azizah pakai lah otak udang awak sikit, how to start work when documents and important decisions which cost millions and billions are missing, it is like walking into a pitch black room and start feeling around for the table chair try to read in the dark, here is an anology lah maybe an otak udang like you will understand, you are building a house, but you are taking over halfway through, preveous contractor has absconded with the money, now you cannot just continue building from where he left off, you have to check , whether the building's foundations are sound and whether enough concrete was used, while checking this you notice the building was constructed on soggy land, than you start to find the foundation which was supposed to have pilings, doesn't have any, the concrete is actually cheap cement, more sand than cement, do you continue building where the preveous contractor left off or do you demolish this future death-trap
and restart or salvage what you can? this means if you continue without investigating the base, the building might collapse during construction or when people have moved in. so think again before you open your stupid face. today we hear a company belonging to selangor with assets running into the millions was sold off for rm50,000.00, that is the price of a low cost flat in ulu bernam, this is called corruption of the first degree, the former state govt. have been openly stealing and robbing the state of its assets, all this has to be corrected before anything else can be done. I do have a question though, is this the idea of NEP PRACTISED BY UMNO, instead of helping the poor they are helping themselves. look at balkis, almost 300,000.00 worth of clothes for balkis members, ask yourself this simple question, is balkis a charity organisation for the poor or for those with mercedes and BMWs? who do they help, are balkis members like khir toyol and mrs charity cases? this is what you call corruption, go look it up, maybe you might learn something.