Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sultan views seriously how BN reps spent allocations - NST

SHAH ALAM: May 22, 2008 By V. Shankar

The Sultan of Selangor views seriously the spending of the RM500,000 annual allocation for assemblymen within the first two months of the year.

Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah said efforts to increase revenue would not mean anything if there was wastage and excessive spending.

In his address at the opening of the Selangor state assembly meeting here yesterday, he noted that the state had implemented a prudent spending culture to avoid wastage.

It was reported that 54 Barisan Nasional assemblymen in the previous state administration had used up a total allocation of RM27 million for 2008 in the two months prior to the 12th general election.

On another issue, the sultan said Selangor should take into account the social and welfare aspects of the people, especially those who were disabled or poor, single mothers and senior citizens, when carrying out development projects.

"A proper platform needs to be created for people to voice their views and give feedback. For example, representatives of disabled people should be given the opportunity to sit in local councils so that development does not sideline them."

On crime, the sultan said he was concerned about public safety, especially in the urban areas as many crimes like kidnappings, break-ins, snatch thefts and fights were happening.

He also wanted the safe city programme to be given priority.

Sultan Sharafuddin said the police force had been proactive in building new police stations in housing estates and that functional police stations would make it easier for the public to approach the police and vice-versa.

On the free water to be given to the people in Selangor, he hoped that it would lead to better water conservation as the price mechanism ensured consumers would pay a high price for excessive usage.

From next month, the first 20 cubic metres of water will be free in Selangor.

On urban poverty, the sultan said it was becoming serious as 90 per cent of Selangor was now considered urban.

"This problem must be given attention as the rising standard of living is causing poverty in towns."

He said local authorities could help in this matter, especially with regard to house rentals, dialysis treatments and business loans.

Sultan Sharafuddin also raised his concerns on the spread of deviationist teachings in Selangor but noted that it was under control.

He said the state now required those who wanted to give sermons in mosques and surau to get accreditation from the state Islamic Affairs Department.

The sultan also reminded the people not to use mosques and surau for politicking and warned that he would not hesitate to take action should this happen.

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