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Assemblyman reaches out to the poor - The Star

April 24, 2008


Full name: Dr Mohd Nasir Hashim (PSM)
Age: 61
Marital status: Divorcee with four children and three grandchildren
Hometown: Malacca
Education: Royal Military College (RMC), Cornell University, USA (Doctorate in International Nutrition) and (Masters in Food Science and Technology); Monmouth College, Illinois, USA (Bachelors Degree in Biology)
Profession: Full time politician
Constituency: Kota Damansara
Contact details:
Service centre: 47, 3rd Floor , Jalan Dinar G U3/G, Section U3, Subang Perdana, 40150 Shah Alam , Selangor. Opens daily from 9am-6pm. Dr Nasir meets the people every Wednesday from 12noon to 6pm.
Tel No: 03-784 61646

Dubbed a champion of the squatters, Kota Damansara assemblyman Dr Mohd Nasir Hashim is not your average politician. He happens to be an acupuncturist, too.

The white-haired social activist and former academician is sort of a maverick in the local political scene, and the Party Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) chairman's strong beliefs and principles had often landed him in hot water.

No frills: Nasir believes in personal touch when dealing with people.
Nasir was once detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for 15 months during the 1987 Operation Lalang.

Despite the “minor” hiccups, Nasir was back on his feet as soon as he was freed and went on to take up acupuncture. However, venturing into a field traditionally dominated by the Chinese didn’t daunt him one bit.

“I was attracted to the holistic appeal of acupuncture. Later with good support from family and friends, I opened a clinic,” said Nasir, adding that he would not have much time for it now thanks to his new role.

His leftist ideologies might not sit comfortably with some but Nasir said he's all about fighting for the people.

He is known never to have backed out of a confrontation with the authorities, particularly with issues involving squatters, former estate workers and other marginalised groups.

Admitting that he is one of the reluctant politicians, Nasir said his main aim is to empower the people.

“I represent the people of Kota Damansara and I intend to go to them to find out what their grievances are, and what they want done”.

How much time to do you spend on the computer?

Maybe around two hours.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Those from my time, especially Boney M or Abba.

Are you into movies?

I am into action flicks.

What do you read?

I read a lot of spiritual and philosophical books. I am currently reading The Seals of Wisdom by Muhyiddin Ibn-al-Arabi.

Are you into English Premier League football?

I don’t have the patience waiting for someone to score but I make it a point to watch whenever Manchester United or Liverpool plays.

Your favourite sports?

Boxing and I was a boxing champion during my school days. I used to play badminton and tennis, too. But nowadays a good walk is sufficient for me.

Coffee or tea?

I am a Nescafe O person. Sometimes I have two to three cups a day and I can't seem to give up.

Got a nickname?

My grandchildren and some relatives call me To'Ki. When I was lecturing in UKM, my students used to call me 'boss' and I will call them 'gang' in return. Nowadays, everyone just calls me Nasir.

What is the gadget you can't do without?

My phone. It's funny but I am very attached to it since I save interesting quotes, notes and appointments in it.

What's your favourite food?

Sambal Tumis Udang. I prepare it myself but beware because the ingredients vary all the time. I also like to “christen” my dishes with fancy names.

You have a weakness for?

I adore children and I believe the feeling is mutual. Perhaps my resemblance to Colonel Sanders (KFC) has got something to do with it.

Do you have pets?

Fish. I have about 15 small fish. I enjoy watching them swim. It's a passion I inherited from my late father.

What car do you drive and how long have you had it?

Viva and I have had it for about a year. I am not into big and expensive cars.

Name an idol (dead or alive) you look up to and why?

Karl Marx for his ideas on socialism that revolutionised the world and birthed a generation of thinkers.

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