Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Khir takes over on opposition bench - NST

April 23, 2008 BY ELAN PERUMAL

FOR Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo, being in the role of opposition leader in the new state assembly will not deter him from playing a vital part for the wellbeing of the state.

Taking to his stride and conceding the fact that he now sits at the opposite end during the state assembly proceedings, the former mentri besar said his role was to ensure that there was a check and balance in the state government.

Khir, who appeared to have put the defeat of the state Barisan Nasional behind him, said the role of the opposition leader was as important to those of assemblymen from the ruling government.

“As a mentri besar, I had a different role to play and now I have to ensure that the government makes the right decisions,” he said.

Swearing-in ceremony: Teng (right) looking on as the assemblymen take their oaths. “The other Barisan assemblymen and I will have to highlight the weakness of the state government and its policies whenever we find them not doing the correct things,'' he said.

Khir said this after attending the swearing-in ceremony for the state assemblymen yesterday at the State Secretariat in Shah Alam.

The Sungai Panjang assemblyman said as a politician, he accepted the decision of the people and that it did not mean that Umno and the other Barisan component parties were finished in Selangor.

Asked what he thought of facing Sungai Pinang assembly Teng Chang Khim, who was sworn in as the Speaker of the state assembly, Khir said it was not a good decision in view of Teng's vast experience as the former state opposition leader.

“It is real pity and I feel that Teng's experience and ability have been wasted since there is nothing much he could contribute as a Speaker.

“Teng will be able to freely speak out his views on issues at the assembly if he was not made the Speaker,'' he said.

Teng, who was first elected an assemblyman in 1995, said he felt honoured with the appointment.

He said he felt that the position was given to him because of his experience and past performance at the assembly since the Speaker had to be a person who was well versed in the Standing Order that covered the rules and regulations of the assembly

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