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Ng a maverick assemblyman - The Star

April 29, 2008 By DEBBIE CHAN

Ng: ‘I was very close to the Javanese families’


Name: Ng Suee Lim (DAP).
Age: 37.
Marital Status: Married with three children.
Hometown: Kapar, Klang.
Constituency: The Sekinchan state seat under the Sungai Besar parliamentary constituency in Selangor.
Party post: Pekan Kapar DAP branch chairman.
Profession: Full-time politician.
E-mail: dapsekinchan@gmail.com

RE-ELECTED Sekinchan state assemblyman Ng Suee Lim, a father of two boys and a girl, is a maverick character, with a penchant for music, dancing and singing.

Ng is obviously one who is able to balance leisure and work very well to keep himself on track.

He has a strong passion for politics and spends much time in reading, particularly history books and related topics, to learn how he can effectively serve his Sekinchan community.

What is especially unique is that Ng is among the few non-Javanese who can speak the Java language.

“Our family house was the last one in a Chinese village which bordered another village that was predominantly Javanese and I was close to the Javanese families,” he said.

Ng, the Pekan Kapar DAP branch chairman, was the opposition representative in the Public Accounts Committee of the previous Selangor state assembly.

He was the key figure in the controversial eight-day study tour to Egypt proposed by the Selangor Public Accounts Committee that he pulled out from, alleging that the trip was filled with leisure and entertainment activities rather than work- related activities.

Ng was re-elected for a second term as the Sekinchan state assemblyman in the recent 12th general election, fending off a challenge from Barisan Nasional candidate Phuah Boon Choon of the MCA by a slim majority of 190 votes.

Ng polled 5,403 votes, while Phuah obtained 5,213.

He is now all set to embark on a cyber outreach programme via the worldwide web to reach out to his constituents.

StarMetro: How much time to do you spend on the computer?

Ng: About two hours a day.

StarMetro: Do you blog?

Ng: I’m working on it and my blog should be up soon.

StarMetro: Do you have a website?

Ng: The website will be linked to the blog, so it will be up soon. Do look out for it.

StarMetro: Do you play a musical instrument, dance or sing?

Ng: Yes, I love dancing and singing.

StarMetro: What kind of music do you listen to?

Ng: I like sentimental songs and oldies as well as dangdut music and jazz. I’m more of a music person rather than a movie fan.

StarMetro: Name a favourite song.

Ng: Madu dan Racun and Si Jantung Hati. These are some dangdut selections which I love.

StarMetro: What do you read?

Ng: I read a lot of magazines and history books.

StarMetro: What was the last book you read?

Ng: The Chinese section of the May 13th chapter in some history write-up.

StarMetro: Are you into English Premier League footbalI?

Ng: Yes, my favourite team is Manchester United and my favourite player is C. Ronaldo.

Starmetro: Other than football, what's your favourite sport?

Ng: My favourite sports are badminton and table-tennis.

StarMetro: What do you play?

Ng: I play badminton a lot.

StarMetro: Who is your favourite sports star?

Ng: China’s world number one badminton star Li Dan.

StarMetro: Got a nickname? How did it come about?

Ng: Cina Java, because I can speak Javanese.

StarMetro: What languages can you speak?

Ng: Hokkien, Mandarin, English, Malay and Javanese.

StarMetro: What's your favourite food?

Ng: I love bak kut teh (pork rib soup) and definitely the local favourite of sambal belacan (chilli with prawn paste).

StarMetro: You have a weakness for ....

Ng: The latest model of mobile phones. I always keep a lookout for them.

StarMetro:What car do you drive and how long have you had it?

Ng: Nissan Xtrail 4WD, just three-months old.

StarMetro: What is your contribution to environmental conservation?

Ng: I will support any programme to protect and safeguard our environment.

StarMetro: Name an idol, dead or alive, whom you look up to and why.

Ng: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang, because they fight for justice, equality and a better life for all Malaysians.

StarMetro: Your favourite actor and why?

Ng: Jackie Chan. He is a top actor in the world.

StarMetro: Favourite actress, and why?

Ng: I can’t say why but I really like Maggie Cheung.

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